Grand Terrace

Why Us?

Whether building a new home from the ground up or renovating an existing one, managing a home project of any magnitude is a big step which requires an experienced team behind you. MMI Construction’s significant strengths are residential construction, total home remodeling and renovation. We go beyond the typical “full-service” contractors by providing in-depth design and building services. We do everything from design and specification to building, installation and finish. Only a comprehensive design/build firm such as ours, with in-depth knowledge of city codes and building regulations, will have the best control of your project. By performing every task under single-management, we are able to stay on budget and on schedule for you. Whether your property is a home, co-op, condo, Townhouse or property within an HOA Community, our creative and sophisticated thinking is essential to solving space limitations, structural challenges and design to get the maximum potential of your space.


Our quality shows in many ways, along every step. We start by spending a generous amount of time with you for intelligent planning. Thorough planning leads to greater satisfaction in the end. Our workers are skilled, courteous, and meticulous. In the event of an unexpected problem, we will resolve it ethically and promptly, without fuss. Your satisfaction is our highest goal: we hope that you will tell all your friends about us!

Design, Drafting & Architecture

Our in-house designer will work closely with you to convert your wish list into floor plans and elevations. MMI Construction can also help you with ordering all your cabinets, built-in furniture, or appliances.

5000 sq ft Custom Home

Custom Home - Young Residence

Custom Home - Redlands 7400 sq ft

Custom Home - Rancho Cucamonga

Guest House

Pool House

Is a new home worth the Price? Some question whether or not it is worth paying extra. However, there are a lot of people out there that prefer that new home smell. The idea that nobody else's feet have touched the carpet and that nobody else has taken a shower in their bathrooms. But the advantages of owning a custom home go way beyond that. MMI Construction - can design and build a custom home to fit the specifications of its owners anywhere in the city of Grand Terrace. You and your family are able to completely personalize everything. You're able to choose how big your rooms and create the closet of your dreams. You are able to choose the color of the carpet and type. Choose the difference between standard countertop or granite. Install the tile of your choice. Environment and Energy Most of the older homes were built in the city of Grand Terrace before there were major concerns about the environment and before the issue of energy conservation. The past 15 years have seen many different new innovations when it comes to environmentally safe products and materials used within the city of Grand Terrace.